English 9B

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This class is an opportunity for students to develop and practice their skills in reading and analysis of literature as well as writing. Our various texts will be the vehicles through which they will hone their critical thinking abilities, and our writing exercises will be an outlet of expression for these abilities. We will be reading poetry, short fiction, novels, and dramatic texts. Our objectives are to master the elements of literature, practice the writing process, and improve organization of writing.

Friday, 3/28

Instructional slides for paper on The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Friday, 2/14

Today we started the last piece of the poetry project — the final response, a summative grade and the first five-paragraph essay of the year. Students will be writing these essays in pieces and not in order. First up today was a power paragraph about the research everyone should have just completed last week. Next week we will finish this paragraph, write the other two body paragraphs, and then tie the entire thing together with an intro and conclusion.

Wednesday, 2/12

We returned to poetry by discussing Shakespeare’s “Sonnet XVIII.” Students found all sorts of different poetic sounds in the poem, then we analyzed the format and structure of a sonnet. At the end of class, students worked together to write their own sonnets.

Monday, 2/10

Today was a one-off day in the library with the counseling staff working with College in Colorado and planning out courses for the next three years.

Thursday, 2/6

Students had about 20 minutes to finish up the poet research today. Then we worked on the fourth part of the poetry project — a creative response. Students worked on poems, drawings, songs, letters, etc., as inspired by their project poems. Many finished in class and turned them in before leaving. Homework: finish the creative response to your poem for Monday if you did not get it done in class.

Tuesday, 2/4

We started the third part of the poetry project today — poet research. Using research questions I suggested, students looked up information about their poets, and built a set of notecards in EasyBib as well as a bibliography to go along with them. Anyone well short of the minimum (three notecards, two sources) is encouraged to work on this for homework.

Friday, 1/31

Since we didn’t have an actual snow day, we spent the day reading and discussing Billy Collins’s poem titled “Snow Day.” We did a quick paraphrased, talked about unfamiliar words, and then looked for examples of imagery and figurative language.

Wednesday, 1/29

Because I had such a low turn-in rate from the homework due last class, I had everyone sign up for Remind 101 again. I will use this service to try and help students not forget to do their homework. Then we did one more in-class interview to finish up that part of the project. Students who finished early got time to start on their homework. Homework: examine the annotations for one song on rapgenius.com and use it to identify poetic elements; do the same for your project poem.

Monday, 1/27

I collected and checked the take-home interviews at the start of class. Then Ms. Woodley visited us from the library and talked about the intersection of poetry and hip-hop. We listened to some songs and spoken word poetry and discussed the similarities to the other poems we’ve studied.

Thursday, 1/23

Students continued working with their project poems today. They wrote interview questions, then showed their poem to a partner and asked their questions. Everyone typed up their interviews and shared them in the poetry project folder, and then came up with a second set of questions (some the same, some new) with which to interview someone outside of class. Homework: complete the second, out-of-class interview for Monday.

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