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  • Meets Gold Days, period 8
  • Room 143/145
  • Senior English Writing Elective (must be taken all year)
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The Skyline Sun is the voice of the Skyline High School community. It is a self-supporting student newspaper produced primarily by the Skyline newspaper class. Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are those of the independent staff and do not represent the views of the administration or the student body of Skyline High School.

Tuesday, 9/23

We finished workshopping our first stories today and set a final deadline for Wednesday, 10/1. Please have your story finished by then!

Friday, 9/19

Today, rough drafts of first-issue stories were due. We workshopped them as an entire class. Some good things are going on already with the stories, but some big holes need to be filled very soon.

Wednesday, 9/17

Today we spent some time doing more practice with inverted pyramid style, re-assembling cut-up news stories and comparing them to their original versions. Homework: you need a rough draft of your first story ready for class on Friday.

Monday, 9/15

The first half of class included a presentation by Stephen from the Art Institute. Afterwards, we went through a lesson on and practice with hard news lead writing as well as inverted pyramid style. On Wednesday, we’ll practice this a little more, and then begin applying it to our own stories.

Thursday, 9/12

More time for interviews today. We also introduced the concept of the inverted pyramid for organizing simple news stories. Please finish your blog posts for this week and have your interviews wrapped up for class on Monday.

Tuesday, 9/9

Today was a work day to make progress on your interviews and blog entries. Interviews need to be completed very soon as we’ll be moving on to actual writing on Thursday as well as next week.

Friday, 9/5

We had a presentation from DeVry University today which ran long and took up nearly the entire period. At the end of class, I briefly checked in with students about their progress on their first stories. Interviews next week!

Wednesday, 9/3

Today was a shorter class due to late start. We continued discussing open-ended vs. closed-ended questions and practiced interviewing each other using open-ended questions. We also practiced using the digital audio recorders while simultaneously taking notes on the interviews, then comparing the notes to the recordings. Homework: schedule some of your interviews and, if possible, begin the interviews themselves by the next class day.

Friday, 8/29

Today we started class with a Skyline scavenger hunt to collect information, meet some key people in the school, and work on interviewing skills. While you were gone, I glanced at your interview questions for your first stories. Then, you all did a mock interview of me, which lead into a discussion of open- and closed-ended questions. Homework: refine your interview list and interview questions for Wednesday, when you’ll begin your interviews.

Wednesday, 8/27

Today we discussed everyone’s ideas for the first issue and made story assignments. The plan right now is to have your first story done in about two weeks. Afterwards, we read the Boulder Camera and discussed stories of the day. We picked one story, and tried to extrapolate the interview questions the reporter asked the sources quoted in the story. Homework: start compiling your list of interviewees and interview questions for Friday.

Monday, 8/25

We introduced the class blog today: (which redirects to the actual blog on Blogger, This blog is our reading journal for the year, and is only accessible by members of this class. The idea with the blog is to be reading the news all the time, and choosing at least one story a week to respond to. Your responses should include a link to the story, if possible, and a brief summary. Following that, you should respond to it as a reader (what did you think of the story? why did you choose it? have you been following this issue?) and as a journalist (how well was it written? what could have made it better? were you left with any unanswered questions by the end?). As well as writing your own journal, you are expected to discuss others’ entries with the class using the comments below each blog post. In today’s class, we read the Times-Call for stories to discuss, and got everyone set up with Blogger accounts and invitations to the blog. Homework: come in on Wednesday with a list of at least 5 story ideas for our first issue of the newspaper.

Thursday, 8/21

We read stories in the Times-Call today and discussed the 5 Ws and H (Who, What, Where, Why, and How). Then I sent the students out to ask folks around school what they want to read about in the paper this year.

Tuesday, 8/19

Today was the first day with a brand-new staff. We examined several different newspapers and compared the way they cover news as well as how we the reader can tell which stories are considered most important. We also critiqued last year’s paper’s news coverage and brainstormed ideas for stories this year.

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