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  • Meets Gold Days, period 8
  • Room 143/145
  • Senior English Writing Elective (must be taken all year)

The Skyline Sun is the voice of the Skyline High School community. It is a self-supporting student newspaper produced primarily by the Skyline newspaper class. Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are those of the independent staff and do not represent the views of the administration or the student body of Skyline High School.

Monday, 12/17

Issue 4 was published today in print and online simultaneously. In class, we completed a critique of the issue and began planning for Issue 5, which will begin in earnest after the break.

No final for Newspaper class.

Friday, 12/14

Today, we readied the online version of Issue 4, which will go live on Monday as the print edition is distributed — a first for this year (previously, the online version has been delayed a little). We also prepared advertising invoices and mopped up a few end-of-semester odds-and-ends.

Wednesday, 12/12

Production will take place today in class and tonight after school to finish up Issue 4.

Monday, 12/10

Final draft deadline is today for Issue 4. Stories were due at the start of class.

Thursday, 12/6

Work continued on Issue 4 today. I am disappointed in the number of stories that are incomplete or even missing. Please remember that final draft deadline is next Monday and production is next Wednesday.

Tuesday, 12/4

Today was the deadline for all rough drafts. Production is next Wednesday!

Friday, 11/30

Work continues on Issue 4. Blog posts are due today. Rough drafts are due next Tuesday.

Wednesday, 11/28

Today we continued work on Issue 4. Story worksheets were due in the middle of class. If you were absent, I need one from you ASAP.

Rough draft deadline is next Tuesday.

Monday, 11/26

Welcome back. Today we tried to resume work on Issue 4. I also tried to resurrect the news journalling blog, but now the requirement has been decreased to only one story a week. Aim low, I say, aim low. Rough draft deadline is next week.

Thursday, 11/16

Work continued on Issue 4 while we also tried to finish the Issue 3 online version and ad invoices. Please continue thinking about/working on your stories over the break.

Tuesday, 11/13

Today we did our critique of Issue 3, which really turned into a critique of the way the paper is running and trying to come up with solutions for some of the problems we're facing (largely, communication problems, as well as problems with everyone doing a thorough job with their assignments). I also distributed the deadline schedule for Issue 4, and then students worked on finalizing their story assignments. Homework: interview questions for Issue 4 are due Thursday. 

Friday, 11/9

Today we did story board for Issue 4, our final one of the semester. We will further discuss story assignments next week. Monday morning is distribution of Issue 3 — please be in my classroom upstairs at 8:40 a.m.

Wednesday, 11/7

Today was production for Issue 3.

Monday, 11/5

Today was the final draft deadline for Issue 3. Production will happen Wednesday morning during late-start, during class, and after school. Anyone who stays after gets extra credit and pizza from Abo's.

Thursday, 11/1

Today I returned, with feedback, those rough drafts that were turned in on time. We spent class today filling in holes, picking up last minute interviews, and working on those drafts to make them better. Final draft deadline is at the start of class on Monday. If your story is not in by this time, it might not run.

Tuesday, 10/30

Today was the rough draft deadline. If you did not get one in by the end of class, your story might not run in Issue 3. Production is next week, with the final draft deadline at the start of class Monday and page design happening in class and after school on Wednesday. Please get in touch with me if you were absent or for some other reason didn't have a rough draft to turn in.

Friday, 10/26

I tried today to review and discuss a few news stories in the Times-Call since no one is really taking care of the journals. Unfortunately, this didn't work either. I can only hope that rough drafts are actually turned in on Tuesday as they are supposed to be.

Wednesday, 10/24

Today was a work day to continue working on ad sales and also conduct interviews for Issue 3. Rough draft deadline is next Tuesday!

Monday, 10/22

Today the interview worksheets were due. Then we talked about ad sales, and everyone was supposed to contact three potential advertisers in class. Some of you are completing this for homework. We will continue discussing this on Wednesday.

Thursday, 10/18

Today we reviewed Issue 2 (with me this time). Story worksheets were due at the end of class, which means every student should have a story assignment by now. Interview questions will be due in class on Monday, when we will also work on ad sales.

Tuesday, 10/16

Issue 2 is out today! Congrats also to last year’s staff on winning 5 sweepstakes awards at J-Day last week.

I was out of the building again today, this time for in-district professional development — poorly timed, but nothing to be done about it. The assignment for class was to complete your portfolios, then do a whole-class critique of the paper, and finally hold a story board meeting. Deadlines for Issue 3 were handed out and have been posted. It’s a little more comfortable deadline schedule than last month, so hopefully that means we can spend a little more time on interviewing, writing, and designing. See you all Thursday.

Thursday, 10/11

Today is the Journalism Day field trip. Students who did not go on the field trip are responsible for making corrections to the hard copies of Issue 2 that we left for you in the newsroom. Those students should also work on catching up on news journals.

Tuesday, 10/9

Today was the final-draft deadline for Issue 2 stories. While it went a little better than last month’s (when I was not present), there were still some disappointments in what did and did not come in on time. Production for Issue 2 will take place after school on Wednesday. Thursday will be the Colorado High School Press Association Journalism Day at CSU field trip for the editors. Other staff members still at school will be required to proof the pages designed the night before as well as work on their news journals. Newspaper distribution will take place next Tuesday as there is no school on Monday — everyone must meet in my room upstairs at 7:15 to distribute the paper during 5th period.

Friday, 10/5

Today was more work time for Issue 2. Final drafts of stories are due at the start of class on Tuesday. Please have them done on time! Editors, I also need permission forms for the field trip Thursday if I don’t already have them.

Wednesday, 10/3

Today was the deadline for rough drafts. If you did not submit one, you run the risk of not having your story published in Issue 2. I also handed out permission forms for the editors for the field trip to CSU next Thursday. Please have those signed and back ASAP.

Monday, 10/1

Work continues on Issue 2, which is fast approaching. Issue 1 is now online (thanks Amber and Katie for doing most of that work). Rough draft deadline for Issue 2 is Wednesday; final draft deadline is next Tuesday.

Thursday, 9/27

Everyone should have a story assignment for Issue 2, and I've done Issue 1 conferences with most of you. We’ll finish those up on Monday. Don’t forget — rough draft deadline is next Wednesday! Also, keep blogging (or, maybe, start blogging).

Tuesday, 9/25

Today we debriefed from Issue 1 — it had its share of problems, but I can honestly say it was one of the best first issues I've seen at Skyline. I also got lots of positive feedback on it from other teachers. Sadly, we have no time to rest and celebrate, as Issue 2 is already rolling towards us. Students should have stories picked out already and be contacting their interviewees now. Issue 1 portfolio folders were due at the end of class today, and I will be conferencing with everyone individually starting Thursday. Homework: as always, keep working on those journals; and your interview handout is due at the start of class on Thursday.

Friday, 9/21

Today students worked on catching up on their journals and then we did story assignments for Issue 2. I also handed out the deadline schedule for that issue, which we'll publish on October 16.

Wednesday, 9/19

Today was production day. The paper goes to bed Thursday afternoon and will publish Monday morning. Please make sure you’re working on your journals.

Monday, 9/17

Unfortunately, I was out ill today. Everyone was supposed to have turned in his or her final draft of Issue 1 stories at the start of class, and then editors should have spent the rest of class editing those stories. Unfortunately, several of you are delinquent in turning in your stories — this will ultimately reflect badly not only on yourself but on the rest of the newspaper staff as well.

Wednesday is production day. Let’s hope we have something to produce.

Thursday, 9/13

Today everyone worked on wrapping up his or her story(ies) for Issue 1. I spoke with many of you individually about your stories, and I also talked at length with the editors about their sections, the front page, and advertising. Issue 1 stories are due at the beginning of class on Monday!

Tuesday, 9/11

Rough drafts were due at the end of class today in your portfolio folders. Final drafts will not be due until the beginning of class Monday, but I encourage you to try and get them finished by the end of class Thursday. Also, only Andrew posted to the blog last week! Some of you might be surprised at your grades on the D/F list next week....

Friday, 9/7

We spent a lot of time in class today reviewing inverted pyramid style and hard news leads. If you were absent or need to review it, please take a look at the PDF of the slideshow I presented and let me know if you have any questions. As I mentioned in class, we will be talking about other types of newswriting eventually (anecdotal leads, feature writing, profiles, maybe reviews), but this is the most basic and the form you need to try and master first. After going through this mini-lesson, I gave you mixed-up copies of two inverted pyramid-style news stories from today’s Times-Call, had you try and put them in order again, and then read/reviewed the actual story from the paper. The last 30 or so minutes of class, I helped the last few students get signed up for the blog while some of you went to continue working on your stories or other responsibilities. Homework: please make sure you do your first journal by the end of the weekend. The few students who don’t have Internet access at home may bring in a hard copy (typed or handwritten), but I'll have you post it to the blog next week. Next week is also our last writing week before editing/production begins the following week for Issue 1. Please keep making good progress on your stories and talk to your section editor, Jon, Taylor, or myself if you're having trouble or have questions.

Wednesday, 9/5

Today was a shortened period due to late start, so it was mostly work time. Don't forget that journals are due this Friday. We also pushed back the publication date of the first issue by a week. That means that rough drafts of your first issue stories are due next Tuesday and final drafts are due next Thursday. A revised publication schedule will hopefully be posted soon.

Friday, 8/31

We mostly had a work day today. I met with several of you individually to check progress on your stories and give you some feedback. Most of you set up your blog accounts, but the few of you who haven't need to do so soon. Interviews should be wrapping up soon as well. Next week, we'll spend a lot of time talking about how to start assembling your stories. Enjoy the long weekend.

Wednesday, 8/29

Today Jon and Taylor announced section editors. Congratulations to the following students!

  • News Editor — Amber
  • Sports Editor — Andrew
  • Features Editor — Jon B.
  • Opinion Editor — Brandon
  • Advertising Manager — Breanna
  • Photography Editor — Katie

We talked about interviewing basics and also discussed beginning to use the blog — please let me know right away if you have trouble accepting the blog invitation and activating your Blogger account.

Monday, 8/27

Today we reviewed the course guidelines, I collected info on your stories, and I also collected your contact information. Within the course guidelines, we discussed daily (check in with your section editor), weekly (read the news and comment on the blog), and monthly (write a story, do other optional stuff). You should be receiving an invitation to the blog in your e-mail soon.

Thursday, 8/23

Today we solicited volunteers for editor positions and the possible new design team. Story assignments were given out and everyone should have a pretty good idea of who their sources will be for their respective stories. We talked about the publication calendar (as of today, still subject to change) and then I gave an overview of ad sales. Next week: we’ll announce editors and we’ll get down to business on reporting of first issue stories.

First Day

We started off today with a brief overview of what the newspaper is; I also introduced our editors-in-chief, Taylor and Jon. Students took time to review last year’s paper and make notes about stories and advertising we should pursue this year. We reconvened to list some of these ideas and also discussed the general direction the paper should take this year. When we meet on Thursday, we will be soliciting volunteers for section editor positions, assigning stories for the first issue, and reviewing the publication schedule.

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